custom made

For your Soul

Welcome to the world of energetic activation, luxury and blossoming into your potential.

Our coloured gemstone rings activate your energy field and enhance your radiance.
This is a bespoke, customised process and product, like no other. 

Looking for the perfect gift? This can be gifted to a loved one.

your soul leads the way

To you blossoming into your potential!



book your free energy reading

Allow Donna to read your energy field, and see what ring might be a fit for your Soul!

Donna will tune in to your unique Soul essence, and connect with what gemstones can enhance your frequency and experience on this planet. 

Every gemstone has a story to tell and a soulful mission, just like you.

Curious to take the first step? Book a quick call with Donna, and allow her to read your energy.

This free reading is a gift from Donna, you are not obliged in any way to commit to making a purchase.



in depth blossom session

To begin your custom made for the soul ring process, you enter into a powerful Blossom session with Donna. 

Your unique ring is downloaded in the Blossom session, in accordance with your unique Soul essence.

Your Ring is downloaded


Donna guides you, but your Soul leads the way. 

You are guided through a deep process where your Soul takes you on a journey…
You experience the next evolution of yourself, and who your Soul wants you to become.  

This a powerful activation process. You blossom and bloom instantaneously within the session. Your energy field grows and you experience an even greater radiance of light shining from your Soul.

You are also blossoming into the next evolution of your Soul, that already resides within you.

The beauty of this process?

It is unique, to you.

Your custom made ring designed for your unique Soul essence, will reveal itself in this session.

The Blossom Session investment is $888 AUD, which will be used as your deposit for your bespoke The House of Orion ring.  This investment is non-refundable.



design your ring

In this exciting part of the process, you will choose from a selection of ethically sourced gemstones, intuitively hand picked for you and your Soul.  

Your Heart and Soul will start singing when you are given the option that you know is already yours. Your Soul has selected. 

This is a moment in time when your heart flutters, waves of electric energy flood your body and that deep knowing occurs.

You know,  it is meant to be.

As part of the soulful selection process, you will have a full and clear understanding about your purchase.

Comprehensive information about your ring, including the particulars of your gemstone, the setting and the metal used will be provided.  Your financial investment is confirmed based upon your soulful selection.

Again, this is another moment of heart flutters and excitement.

Your precious piece of jewellery is coming alive.

Step 3 requires a commitment to a payment plan or payment in full.



crafting & attuning your ring

Expert craftsmanship and quality are at the forefront of the creation process. Your beloved piece of jewellery is created to last beyond a lifetime and become an heirloom piece of jewellery.

Your ring will go through an exquisite, extraordinary process of becoming attuned to support your unique evolution and blossoming process.

This process is quite frankly, marvellous.

Your ring will have unique energies woven into it, tailored to you and your Soul.

You will receive full transmissions of the unique energetic activation process, along with a certificate of authenticity and much more as a part of your purchase.



integrating & wearing your ring

This is a moment you will never forget.

You ensure that you are in sacred space, when you prepare to open this package of a lifetime.

You are filled with anticipation and delight upon receiving the package, and as you open it, the excitement within you builds. You can feel the energy radiating from the package already.

When you open it, it is like meeting a long, lost lover. You are finally together again.

You were always meant to be together, and the feeling of your Heart and Soul singing is unmistakable.

As you pick up the ring and place it on your finger, you experience an activation within your energy field like no other.

You light up.

Your light magnifies, intensifies and radiates.

You have, in an instant, become the radiant being you always knew yourself to be.

You have blossomed.

You have bloomed.

You are radiant.

You are magnificent.

Your ring lifts you to a new way of being and living

You now get to wear it in your every day life, and feel the impact of it. 

You have the most divine, soulfully handcrafted ring that will stay with you and your family for future generations. Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, your ring will be right there with you, uplifting you every step of the way. 

Your ring will lift you to a new way of living and being.

Every six months, on a live call with Donna, the energies of your ring will be reinvigorated, reactivated and re-attuned. As you experience upgrades, we will continue to attune your ring to the frequency that your system needs. 

Can you imagine being a part of a world wide energetic grid, that supports Mother Earth?!

On these live calls, we will also work with The House of Orion energetic grid, of which you and your ring are a part of.

Soul says… YES?!

Take the first step. 

Have a free energy reading with Donna.

Book a call with Donna so she can read your energy, tune into your Soul, and tell you more about what ring we could create for you. 

Have you ever wondered what gemstones are sitting in your aura, waiting to be placed on your finger?

Donna sees gemstones sparkling in people’s energy fields. These are the gemstones that can uplift you, and make all the difference to how you experience life.

Our jewellery can enhance your experience on this planet.

And, our phenomenal process and product is unique and magnificent, just like you. 

It is also the perfect gift for your loved one.

You know,  it is meant to be.