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a world of beauty

creating new realities

luxury & spirituality

Heaven on Earth


a world of beauty

creating new realities

luxury & spirituality

Heaven on Earth

We believe in jewellery that is sourced and produced ethically, and with love. The new paradigm of responsible mining and traceable gemstones has arrived. We support artisanal and small-scale miners and their communities. Mother Earth is our home, we are committed to responsible environmental practices.

We believe that jewellery can bridge the gap between the spiritual realms and the earthly plane, creating Heaven on Earth. Our jewellery activates your energy field, enhances your radiance and activates your soul potential. Every gemstone has a story to tell and a soulful mission to fulfil, just like you.

We believe in exceptional quality combined with exceptional energy, nothing less. The world of luxury jewellery and phenomenal energy can co-exist. It is no longer acceptable to compromise on beauty, quality or energy. You can have it all. You can have beautiful jewels that are powerful beyond compare.

We believe in contribution. We love supporting the energetic evolution of Mother Earth, all her habitats and inhabitants. Giving back in multiple ways is our purpose and passion. From energetic Earth activation work, to charitable contributions and supporting small mining communities, we pride ourselves on generosity.

Radiant Luminosity

What would it be like to place a piece of jewellery on your body and it activates your energy field?

As you slide the stunning ring onto your finger, or close the clasp on your necklace or anklet, you are drawn into a mesmerising moment. You can feel the radiance of the jewellery activating your own radiance.

A gentle, electric current moves through your body, a feather touch of light radiates through your body from the jewellery source, an ignition of your light body radiating and your luminosity awakens like the sun’s golden glow.

This is what The House of Orion does.

Energetic Activation

Our jewellery is attuned to the highest Divine Order. They go through a unique and thorough activation process which imbues them with certain frequencies of energies. These attunements are long lasting, purposeful and designed specifically for the wearer (unless whole heartedly gifted or inherited by another).

Not only is our jewellery set energetically to raise the potential of one’s vibration, all of our pieces are programmed to activate and raise the vibration of Mother Earth. Our jewellery acts as anchor points across the world, highlighting the energetic grid that The House of Orion has set up to support the ascension process of Mother Earth, her habitats and her inhabitants. To learn more about this process, register for the webinar below ↓

Creation with intent

Our gemstones go through a rigorous selection process before becoming an Orion piece of jewellery. They are hand selected and analysed in many ways including its physical properties, radiance and unique energetic potential.

Our jewellers take magnificent care with the gemstones and precious metals when creating these incredible pieces. They are mindful of the energy they bring to the process and honour the individual piece and its essence coming to life.

Quality craftsmanship

Lovingly made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia, we take pride in our craftsmanship. These are heirloom pieces, designed and crafted to last lifetimes. This jewellery will be passed down through generations to loved ones, creating special bonds.

Quality is at the forefront of our design and production processes. We have a superior quality assurance process to ensure the highest calibre of jewellery, which is necessary particularly when using large gemstones.

Ethical & with love

Our jewellery is created ethically, with love. Our phenomenal gemstones are sourced ethically, from artisanal and small-scale miners who receive fair prices and treatment. They are traceable, with verifiable origins. Your jewellery has a story.

Our process is filled with love, respect and integrity from end to end. We are committed to responsible environmental practices, and consciously choose mining operations that align with these practices to care for Mother Earth.

Legacy of Love

Loved ones who have passed away have a special place in our hearts.

Now they can have a special place in your jewellery.


Your purchase of The House of Orion jewellery is a contribution, not only to your radiance but to the planet. The way we source and craft our jewellery is done with integrity and respect for the people involved and the Earth itself.

Each piece of jewellery becomes a part of The House of Orion energetic grid that supports the Earth’s ascension process. Imagine owning a piece of jewellery that forms one of the largest crystal grids on this planet.

Every quarter, we choose a location on the Earth to clear and revitalise the energy of that region. This is a dedication process to our greater vision of Mother Earth, her habitats and her inhabitants living in harmony and love.

Contribution is at the heart of The House of Orion. Your purchase of The House of Orion jewellery is directly invested into initiatives that develop and maintain diversity, sustainability and regeneration within habitats and community.

We are proud to support The Noah Alexander Foundation; supporting families through still birth and child loss.

In loving honour of Noah Alexander Butler.

Lovingly made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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Lovingly made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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