Custom Made for Your Soul

Welcome to the world of energetic activation, luxury and blossoming into your potential.

Our rings activate your energy field and enhance your radiance.  These are heirloom, hand-crafted and unique pieces designed with a special energetic process. 


and being crafted with utmost care.


What it Is

The First 5 are cocktail rings that activate your energy field and enhance your radiance.  This is a bespoke, customised process and product, like no other. 

They are large, coloured gemstone solitaire rings set on a beautiful, classic setting. They can be made out of yellow gold, white gold, pink gold or platinum. Their quality, energy and beauty transcends anything you’ve ever experienced before.

How it Works

Before you select your gemstone, you begin with a powerful Blossom Session. We guide the process and your soul leads the way.

In this session, you are transported into the woman that you are blossoming into.

You come to understand on a visceral, cellular level what it feels like to become that future version of yourself. You are taken beyond the current constraints and mental constructs, and into another paradigm. As much as this might sound like you are being transported into the future, and that you are tapping into the future version of yourself, which of course you are… you are also blossoming into a woman that already resides with you.

This is a powerful activation process. You blossom instantaneously within the session. You commence experiencing and expressing the radiance that is within you.

And the beauty of this process?

That it is unique, to you.

And the beauty of this process? That it is unique, to you.

Perhaps the piece of jewellery that is designed with only your radiance in mind, will reveal itself in this session.


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Lovingly made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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